Mapping Sound Studies

How do the different projects everyone is working on intersect with particular approaches to the study of sound and sonic culture?  We might use this space on the blog to work through some of the theoretical questions that are emerging as your projects are taking shape.  Post your thoughts, questions, and/or comments here.

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2 Responses to Mapping Sound Studies

  1. afamsound says:

    Those of you who are interested should definitely check out the review-type essay I posted to Sakai last week entitled, Rethinking the Soundscape: A Critical Genealogy of a Key Term in Sound Studies.” It is a rigorous examination of the concept of the soundscape, from Schafer to more contemporary uses of it. Kelman offers a very careful and comprehensive analysis of the different ways scholar in sound studies have used, transformed, and misunderstood Schafer’s original framing of the soundscape.

  2. afamsound says:

    Also, the Hilmes, review essay of the books by Jonathan Sterne and Emily Thompson, “Is There a Field Called Sound Culture Studies? And Does It Matter?” might also be of interest in terms of how the essay attempts to map recent trends in the field.

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